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Three Types of Commercial Refrigerator Freezer
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Three Types of Commercial Refrigerator Freezer

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For fruit and vegetable, the keeping temperature is between 2 to 8 degree Celsius. For meat and seafood, the holding temperature is between -18 to -22 degree Celsius. For dough products, they require a quick-freezing temperature at -35°C. Therefore, different food requires different storage temperature. Commercial kitchens usually divide refrigerators into three types. They are stainless steel refrigerator, reach in freezer, blast chiller and freezer.

commercial refrigerator freezer

1. Stainless Steel Refrigerator

The temperature of fresh keeping refrigerator is generally between 2℃ to 8℃. It is suitable to preserve the food for a short time. Cells are in a dormant state during the cold storage environment, reducing nutrient loss and maintaining the freshness of food. Fresh-keeping refrigerators are generally used for preservation of fruits and vegetables.

stainless steel refrigerator

2. Reach in Freezer

The deep freezer usually boasts a temperature between -18°C to -22℃. Meat and aquatic products have higher requirements for storage temperature to keep the internals from deteriorating. Generally, the food is gradually put into the freezer from time to time, and the pick-up is also irregular from time. There is no specific requirement for this "period". In this case, the frozen-keeping freezer becomes very important.

reach in freezer

3. Blast Chiller and Freezer

The ultra-low temperature blast chiller and freezer can drop the temperature on food from +65°C to -35°C in 60 minutes. What's more, it inhibits the reproduction of bacteria, and maintains the original freshness and nutrition of the food. It is suitable for holding chocolate, ice cream, and dough. For example, the baked dough must be below -35°C so that the center of the dough can be completely frozen.

blast chiller and freezer

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