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Shrimp Tempura Fryer: more than just fried food
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Shrimp Tempura Fryer: more than just fried food

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When it comes to tempura, everyone thinks "it's fried!", but it's not that simple. In tempura, both inside the food and dough skin contain a certain amount of moisture. When you drop the tempura into the hot fryer, the temperature in the fryer drops down immediately. At this moment, a fast oil temp recovery speed becomes very important. Rinnai commercial gas fryer has the top class recovery function. It returns the oil temp (below 100°C) to initial temp (up to 175°C) within a few minutes. 

Rinnai commercial gas fryers

During the short recovery period, the fried food cannot exceed a high temperature of 100°C. During the process of 100°C cooking, it is changing from "frying" to "steaming". When the moisture starts to evaporate and release, the temperature of frying will quickly rise to 200°C for cooking. During the recovery period, the excess moisture inside the tempura evaporates quickly, but the most crucial juice is retained. Therefore, the fried shrimp tempura is light and crispy on the skin, tender and juicy on the ingredient.

shrimp tempura fryer with thermometer

Rinnai gas deep fryer with micro digital control panel allow you to set the temperature between 50°C to 220°C. During the frying process, it will control the cooking temp at a set temperature. This deep fryer contains a cool zone which keeps the oil temp in this area below 100°C. Therefore, when the food residues fall into the cold zone they will not burn and pollute the oil. The cool zone greatly extends the life span of the oil and reduces maintenance costs.

Gas deep fryer with micro digital control panel

Generally, the frying time to cook shrimp tempura is about 40 seconds, and the perfect temp is between 175°C to 180°C. While shrimp tempura fryer with thermometer can control the time between 24 to 25 seconds. When fry the shrimp for 24 seconds, the core temperature of the shrimp is between 45°C to 47°C. It can stimulate the taste buds to dig out the sweetness of the food. When you cut the "24 seconds" shrimp tempura, the center part is just half cooked, and the light batter wrap the skin of the shrimp. It has a certain temperature, but it does not burn the tongue, and the taste is just right. Rinnai fryer makes shrimp tempura more than just fried food.

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