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Teppanyaki Table: Open Kitchen Solution
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Teppanyaki Table: Open Kitchen Solution

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Customized teppanyaki table is always large and long. Sometimes it is round shape. It installs at the dining area of a restaurant. The chefs are cooking on the Teppanyaki griddle while the customers are sitting around the table. The chef cooks the food in front of the customer which is like open kitchen. There is no doubt that Teppanyaki table is a perfect open kitchen solution.

open kitchen solution gas teppanyaki

Teppanyaki surface is a large and flat cast iron griddle with grill. The cabinet is stainless steel and the table is marble. It cooks the ingredients directly on the surface and roast them. It is different from Chinese barbecue and Korea grill. The meat is not necessary to marinate before cooking. Instead, they are fast cook and mature on a very hot iron plate to retain the nutrition and flavor.

cast iron griddle grill for teppanyaki

Gas teppanyaki with digital control and exhaust system is very popular in restaurant. The unique appearance attracts the customers' attention. What's more, diners can wait around the table and keep an eye on how the food cooking. The cooking process is transparent which adds a trust between chefs and diners. The constant temperature control ensures the four sides of the iron plate are heat evenly. There is a built-in exhaust hood therefore there is no cooking fumes around the dining area.

gas teppanyaki with digital controls

gas teppanyaki with exhaust system

stainless steel teppanyaki

The smokeless teppanyaki does not require an external fume exhaust pipe. The built-in fan and noise reduction and shock absorbers are added which is high temperature resistant and low noise. The fume purifier is also included. The waste collection and drainage make the cleaning easy.


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