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How to choose the correct dough mixer?
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How to choose the correct dough mixer?

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Say goodbye to the lively and joyous festivals, and devote yourself to baking work without stopping. Using the boutique noodle mixer sell by us in the familiar busy time will allow you to thrive while your business is booming. "Post-holiday syndrome"? nonexistent.

Pot type dough mixer1

Choosing a dough mixer that is efficient, durable, easy to operate and easy to maintain can save you a lot of time and energy. Whether it is Chinese pastry or Western-style baking, small shops or manufacturers, our boutique dough mixer can be applied. Hearing the sound of making noodles gradually come, the exhaustion from returning to work seems to disappear at this moment.


1. Type: The kneading machines specially used for kneading can be divided into: vertical kneading machine, horizontal kneading machine, pot kneading machine, fork kneading machine and double-arm kneading machine.

Vertical kneading machine: This is the most used kneading machine type, with a spiral stirring rod, strong power, even mixing, high-speed kneading, fast gluten production, suitable for kneading most of the dough with moderate dryness and humidity.

Horizontal dough mixer: generally used for kneading dough with low moisture content or high progress.

Pot type dough mixer: used for kneading dough with high moisture content.

Fork-type dough mixer: low-speed dough kneading, suitable for dough with high water content, can be folded into gluten.

Double-arm kneading machine: low-speed kneading, suitable for dough with high water content, the mechanical arm imitates manual kneading.


2. The dough mixer is usually distinguished by the capacity of the dough tank, or how many kilograms of dry flour it can process. Your restaurant, or the product and output of the factory, determine the size of the dough mixer you choose to use. Our commercial dough kneading machines have models ranging from 10L to 260L, which fully meet the commercial kneading needs of various sizes.


3. Higher power tends to mean more powerful, so larger mixers tend to use higher powered motors because they mix more materials at one time and can handle larger doughs than mixers with high water content need More motivation. Most commercial kneaders today are dual-action, two-speed, and they have two motors, one for the stirrer and one for the bowl, so they knead more efficiently without generating a lot of heat , and more energy efficient.

Double-arm kneading machine

4. The simplest control system is the knob button control, which is easy to understand, easy to operate, durable and easy to maintain. There are also high-end touch computer boards for more precise control, and ones with temperature display to monitor the temperature of the dough in real time, so as to better grasp the state of the dough, so as to knead a more suitable dough.

high-speed kneading machine

5. Since the vertical kneading machine is high-speed kneading, most of the vertical kneading machines are equipped with safety covers. And it has the function of stopping when the cover is opened, and it is also equipped with an emergency stop button to prevent safety accidents. Horizontal mixers also have a cover.

high-speed kneading machine1

In addition, you also need to consider the space you use. Small and medium-sized bakeries may choose to buy food mixers, because they may need to make other products such as cakes, and they can make different pastries as long as the stirring rods are replaced. But the so-called professional things are done by professional people, and the same is true for machines. Good dough can produce better pasta.

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