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How to choose a suitable combi oven?
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How to choose a suitable combi oven?

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With the deepening of the integration of Chinese and Western cultures. Western-style pastries appear more and more in people's dietary structure. And more and more people like home DIY, the bakeries of all sizes we can see everywhere. Do you also have the idea of opening a bakery? What kind of oven do the master chefs and manufacturers of the hotel use? As an oven that plays a major role in the baking process, it plays a pivotal role. So how do you choose a suitable commercial oven? As a supplier of professional commercial ovens, BMH will talk about it today.

 professional commercial oven supplier (2)

1. How should the capacity size to select?

(1) When it comes to oven capacity, is it a large-capacity oven that can bake more food at one time? The right oven, what are the most important features? The answer is - In order to make the food more evenly heated and the food produced is more delicious.

(2) To choose the appropriate capacity, consider the production capacity of the finished product. And how much it needs to produce per hour. The baking pan used in commercial ovens is generally 400*600mm. If you need to bake different foods at the same time, such as bread, cakes, biscuits, etc... An open-hearth oven with multiple layers and multiple trays is the best choice. For example, 2-layer 2-disc, 3-layer 6-disc or 9-disc. Or larger 4-layer can also can use to ensure sufficient production efficiency. If the product is relatively simple, you can consider a large-capacity more professional oven. Such as hot blast furnace, rotary furnace, or larger tunnel furnace with higher capacity.

The baking pan used in commercial ovens

2. Do you want to bring hot air circulation?

The hot air circulation is essentially adding a fan in the cavity. It can cause forced convection of the air and speed up the flow of the air! According to the features of the products you produce. Whether to choose an oven with hot air circulation needs to considered. Some products need to maintain a certain amount of moisture. And the use of hot air to bake may affect the taste of the finished product. The best option is to choose an oven with the hot air function that can controlled individually.

open-hearth oven with multiple layers

3. What is the temperature control performance?

(1) Control accuracy at present, the oven has two temperature control methods. They are mechanical control type and electronic control type. Mechanical control: generally, knob temperature control. All temperature adjustments are done through knobs. The biggest problem with mechanical temperature control is that the temperature adjustment accuracy is not high. However, from a commercial use point of view, the mechanical buttons are intuitive and simple. It's very convenient and quick for a baking kitchen with a lot of work. Electronic control: with LED to display the temperature, the control has buttons and knobs. And the temperature can be finely adjusted to 1°C. It takes some time to adjust. Of course, the menu memory function in the new computer control system solves this problem to a certain extent. At present, the mainstream is the combination of knob + electronic temperature control Led screen.

large-capacity more professional oven

(2) Temperature control stability in order to maintain the temperature control stability of the oven during operation. It is generally necessary to sense the temperature in the oven cavity with the probe. And add temperature control algorithm control. So that the temperature fluctuation is more stable. Temperature probe: If there are more temperature probes and the higher the sensitivity of the probe. The more accurate the temperature control will have. Generally, there is a one oven temperature control probe. And a good oven temperature control probe will have two or more.

 professional commercial oven supplier (1)

4. Heating tube material & shape

(1) Material of heating pipe. The heating tube of the electric oven includes stainless steel tube. The quartz tube, halogen tube, infrared light heating tube and so on. Stainless steel pipes heat quickly, are resistant to corrosion, have high thermal efficiency, are not easy to damage. And have a long service life, but the cost is relatively high. BMH commercial ovens use high-quality far-infrared heating tubes that are more cost-effective.

(2) The shape of the heating tube is divided into three types: in-line, U-shaped and M-shaped. For ovens with hot air circulation function. These shapes have less influence on heating uniformity. Because air can flow. For ovens without hot air function, the more curved the shape, the higher the heating efficiency. And the temperature may be higher at the curved part. A little taller, but a larger capacity oven doesn't make a big difference.

larger tunnel furnace with higher capacity

5. Whether it has the independent temperature control function of the upper and lower heating tubes.

Try to choose the independent temperature control of the upper and lower tubes. The independent temperature control of the upper and lower tubes is very important. Because some products need to high and low. When it comes to the finished product stage, the temperature can also adjust according to the coloring situation. And the independent temperature control will give a higher degree of freedom for food processing.


6. Selection of liner material

At present, the mainstream liner of the oven includes galvanized steel plate, stainless steel plate, enamel and so on. Galvanized material: It is easy to corrode and rust, the service life is not long. And it is easy to flow residue and is not easy to clean. It has been gradually replaced. Galvanized sheet: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high heat reflectivity, good thermal insulation effect. It is the material used in most commercial ovens at present. Stainless steel plate: high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, long life. And the disadvantage is that the price is relatively high. Enamel liner: easy to clean, requires overall customization, and high cost.

oven with hot air circulation

7. How to choose the oven door?

The oven door plays a very important role in the oven accessories. It shoulders the three tasks of heat insulation, heat preservation and anti-scalding. The position close to the handle door has the worst sealing performance. And there will more heat dissipation, resulting in a temperature difference between the door position. And the inside of the oven, making the oven heat unevenly. And the oven door is too thin, the glass is not well insulated, and it is easy to burn. Therefore, it is necessary to give priority to thickened and explosion-proof oven doors. They are generally judged according to whether the oven door is a single/double-layer door.

good oven temperature control probe

As a professional commercial oven supplier. BMH provides a variety of choices for various commercial users. Including open hearth ovens, hot blast ovens, rotary ovens, steam ovens, tunnel ovens, and pizza ovens. In addition, we provide customers with customized services in terms of style, appearance, function and other aspects. I will solve your needs. For more content, please consult our sales service team and enjoy professional services!

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