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Some advice on kitchen hygiene
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Some advice on kitchen hygiene

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The kitchen is an important space from which many delicacies are born. Usually, we use tap water when we make food, and where there is water. But it may lead to the growth of bacteria. why? Because there will always have a few hard-to-clean sanitary corners in the kitchen that accumulate residual moisture. Combined with the generally warmer temperatures in the kitchen, this creates a suitable place for bacteria to live. The hygiene of the kitchen is a problem that exists in every family and even restaurant in the world. Many people have headaches about the hygiene of the kitchen. And can't do anything about it. For this problem that has always troubled us. So, the following editors give some comments, hoping to help everyone.

kept in good sanitary condition

Many families are accustomed to stacking the washed dishes in the kitchen cabinet. While it is not conducive to the ventilation and drying of the dishes. The cabinet is airtight and not ventilated. And it is difficult for the moisture to evaporate out. Bacteria will naturally breed as well. Some people like to dry the dishes with a dry rag after washing. But the rags carry a lot of bacteria and this seemingly clean approach can backfire. In addition, the dishes are piled together. And the dirt on the bottom of the previous one is all stuck on the next one. So, is very unsanitary. Thus, the experts suggest setting up a dish rack next to the sink. After cleaning, put the dishes upright and buckle the bowls upside down on the shelf. And the dishes can be dried naturally in no time, which is convenient and hygienic.


The contact between chopsticks and the mouth is the most direct and frequent. And it is necessary to ensure ventilation and dryness during storage. Some people put chopsticks in the kitchen cabinet after washing. Or put them in airtight plastic chopsticks, which are not advisable. It is best to choose a chopstick tube made of stainless-steel wire with good air circulation. And nail it to the wall or place it in a ventilated place. So that the water can be drained quickly. Some people are used to putting a clean cloth on the chopsticks to prevent dust. In fact, just rinse it with clean water before using it. Covering the cloth will hinder the distribution of moisture. In addition, it is not advisable to put kitchen knives in non-ventilated drawers and knife holders. You should also choose knife holders with good ventilation.

airtight plastic chopsticks

Dr. Philip Trenno, an expert in clinical research at New York University Medical Center. Pointed out that bacteria like warm and humid environments the most. In closed kitchen cabinets and dark corners, a large number of bacterium. multiply, which are easy to contaminate. food, causing intestinal disease and other discomforts. Therefore, all kinds of kitchen utensils should be kept in good sanitary condition. In addition to cleaning, the storage environment is also very important. The basic requirements are ventilation and dryness.

etting up a dish rack

Hopefully your kitchen will stay dry and hygienic after remodeling under these methods. And it can solve the problem of messy kitchen utensils. Because there are also suggestions on how to arrange many kitchen utensils neatly. Finally, people who love the kitchen must a person who loves life. The joy of cooking is to always keep the enthusiasm for life! Ordinary life also needs a sense of ritual. Turning the daily life of firewood, rice, oil and salt into poetry and distance. See you in our next article.

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