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Heng Yishaola Char Siu Restuarnat
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Heng Yishaola Char Siu Restuarnat

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Project Name: Heng Yishaola Char Siu Restuarnat

Location Address: Guangzhou, China

Equipment Area: >2200m², back kitchen

Completion Time: 3th April, 2020 – 12th May, 2020

Kitchen Equipment: din sum steamer, roast duck oven

Char Siu Restaurant

When it comes to Gujing roast goose, everyone will unanimously think of a century-old brand-Hengyi. Hengyi Gujing Roasted Goose is flavored with dozens of secret spices and fired with traditional fruit wood and lychee firewood. The roasted goose skin is crispy, tender, fruity, and delicious. As a century-old family business, Hengyi brings to everyone the unchanging taste for a century.

char siu restaurant

In this kind of integrated roast duck oven, a refractory insulation layer is sandwiched between the outer wall of the furnace and the inner wall of the furnace. A partition is erected at the bottom of the furnace body. The inner part of the furnace body is divided into two areas. The area far away from the door of the furnace is the dripping duck oil pond. A hanging duck rod is set above the dripping duck oil pond. A chimney with a movable cover is set on the top of the furnace body, and a furnace door is set at the furnace door.

rost duck oven

In addition to Cantonese-style roast meat, Cantonese-style dim sum is also the main recipe of Chinese restaurants. The main characteristics of Cantonese-style dim sum are sophisticated materials, wide variety, novel styles, fresh and diverse tastes, fine production, salty and sweet, and can adapt to the four seasons and the needs of people from all walks of life. All the dim sums pay attention to the harmony of color and lustra, and their shapes are different.

din sum steamer

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