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Some kitchen useful knowledge
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Some kitchen useful knowledge

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The kitchen is a place full of warmth and fireworks at home. And a variety of kitchen utensils and kitchen appliances work hard for our catering. Kitchen utensils generally require storage utensils, washing utensils, cooking utensils, conditioning utensils, eating utensils, etc. Each kind of kitchen utensils glows and heats in its own position. We need to understand the materials of kitchen utensils, the types of kitchen utensils. And how to clean kitchen utensils can better show your skills in the kitchen. So, let's learn more about kitchen utensils.

kitchen appliances work hard for our catering

The first thing to talk about is storage utensils. It is divided into two parts: food storage and utensils storage. Food storage is further divided into refrigerated and non-refrigerated storage. Refrigeration is achieved through refrigerators in the kitchen. Utensil’s storage is to provide storage space for tableware, cooking utensils, utensils, etc. Storage utensils are completed through various base cabinets, hanging cabinets, corner cabinets, multifunctional decorative cabinets, etc. The second is the washing utensils that occupy an important position. General washing utensils include hot and cold-water supply systems, drainage equipment, washing basins, washing cabinets, etc. For the garbage generated in the kitchen operation after washing. We should set up a garbage bin or a sanitary bucket with a lid to ensure that the kitchen is clean and hygienic. In addition, modern home kitchens should also equip with disinfection cabinets, food waste shredders and other equipment.

furniture in the restaurant

Next is the conditioning equipment. Common conditioning utensils mainly include conditioning countertops, tools and utensils for finishing, cutting vegetables and conditioning. But with the advancement of technology, food cutting tools, juicing tools, and cooking machines for home kitchens are also increasing. Then there are cooking utensils. Generally, the cooking utensils we refer to mainly include stove noses, stoves. And related tools and utensils during cooking. As the kitchen revolution progresses, the rice cooker. High-frequency induction cooktops, microwave ovens, microwave ovens, etc. have also begun to enter the family in large numbers. In the end, it is the indispensable part, and if it is lacking, it will become an Indian characteristic. Dining utensils mainly include furniture in the restaurant and utensils for eating. Are mainly bowls, chopsticks, spoons, children and utensils for drinking.

cold-water supply system

Then, I will talk to you about the advantages of kitchen utensils of various materials. The first thing to talk about is the kitchen utensils made of several major metals. Generally speaking, there are three kinds of materials for metal kitchen utensils that we often use. Namely stainless steel, iron and aluminum. So let me talk about their pros and cons objectively. As we all know, stainless steel kitchen utensils are very easy to maintain and clean. And stainless steel has a long service life and a fashionable and avant-garde appearance. The only downside maybe that it is heavier. Iron kitchen utensils are non-toxic and can help supplement the iron element that the human body needs. But the effect may not large. Although aluminum kitchenware has a small weight, it is very easy to oxidize and turn black. And deformation is very common.

easy-to-clean kitchen utensils

Finally, there are two kinds of non-metallic materials. Namely bamboo and wood kitchenware and ceramic kitchenware. Bamboo chopsticks are the most used for bamboo and wood kitchen utensils, which are economical and practical. However, bamboo and wood are easily contaminated by microorganisms, so they should to clean and dry to maintain ventilation. The category of ceramic kitchenware also includes enamel. Ceramics are corrosion-resistant, easy-to-clean kitchen utensils that are healthy as well as safe, and are very popular with consumers. However, some colored glazes can release harmful substances when heated, so care should take when choosing. Enamel is an inorganic glass enamel that is fired on the surface of a metal substrate. Enamel products are not only safe, non-toxic and easy to clean. But also have the characteristics of high temperature resistance and wear resistance. So, it is widely used in our daily life.

materials of kitchen utensils

The pace of life is always in a hurry, even the cold winter has not slowed down its pace. But no matter how busy you are, make time to feed your belly. Because only when you're full can you keep going. If any difficulty is holding you back, then please have a good meal first.

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