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Yushen International Hotel
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Yushen International Hotel

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Project Name: Yu Shen International Hotel

Location Address: Xinyi Guangdong, China

Equipment Area: >3000m², back kitchen and water bar

Completion Time: 23th Mar, 2019 – 12th July, 2019

Kitchen Equipment: kitchen exhaust hood, gas steamer, commercial refrigerator freezer

Yushen Hotel kitchen solution

Yushen International Hotel is located to Xinyi, Guangdong. It is surrounded by mature commercial complexes with superior location. The lobby here comes from the hands of famous design masters. It combines elegance and style in a harmonious and graceful atmosphere. The rooms with large floor-to-ceiling windows for a broad view. Hotel restaurants and conference halls provide you with places for banquets and meetings. The 24-hour front desk, luggage storage and wake-up call services bring you the comfort of home.

Yushen hotel

The kitchen exhaust hood material is 304 stainless steel with wire drawing. The surface is smooth and clean. The fume exhaust system includes a centrifugal fume extractor, oil fume filtration and purification device. The area of the exhaust hood covers the oil fume overflow area to ensure the discharge of oil fumes.

kitchen exhaust hood

The commercial steam cabinet can quickly cook a variety of seafood, vegetables and rice. It can maintain the original taste of the food. It has high thermal efficiency and low noise combustion system. It has safety device of automatic flameout and water shortage.

steam cabinet

In addition to walk-in cold room, the kitchen also equips with 4 door refrigerators and freezers. The refrigerator can store meat and vegetable separately for flavor transfer. The work tables often place near to the refrigerator for cut and chop.


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