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Work Status on Christmas Day
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Work Status on Christmas Day

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2022 is a year of transformation, a breakthrough. And a year of innovation for Yuexing. Under the turmoil in various industries and the continuous impact of the epidemic. Yuexing counterattacked and moved forward with inspiration. As the end of the year approaches, all departments of the company are united. And working overtime to complete the order task, just to deliver the goods to customers as soon as possible. Our workers are conscientious and full of rhythm, just to create the best quality products. And present them to customers as soon as possible. While ensuring the production quantity of products, we must also ensure the quality. For this reason, every product created by Yuexing will go through strict inspection before reaching the hands of customers. This is not only the guarantee of Yuexing to customers. But also, the maintenance and loyalty of Yuexing people to the brand.

complete the order task (1)

As the end of the year approaches (2)

achieve outstanding results (2)

complete the order task (2)

2022 is a grim year, but also an extraordinary year. Under the correct leadership of the company's leaders, the company takes safety production as the premise. And economic benefits as the center. Leading various departments and subsidiaries, in the face of fierce competition in the same industry, all employees united and worked hard, and made significant progress in various tasks such as safety production and operation management. There has been some progress in all aspects of work. But we should also soberly aware that the situation in 2023 is still grim, and all aspects of the company's work will face greater opportunities and challenges. All of our company will work hard to increase our confidence in overcoming difficulties. Strive to achieve outstanding results next year, so that all aspects of the company to a higher level.

progress in all aspects of work (1)

progress in all aspects of work (2)

The R & D department and production department in the establishment of the company will give full play to their own advantages, adhering to the tenet of "not winning by price, but eternal quality" and constantly carry out technological innovation, equipment innovation, service innovation and management innovation to continue to develop more satisfying products. The kitchenware products needed for future development will contribute to the development of my country's kitchenware production and trade.

increase our confidence in overcoming difficulties

ensure the quality

achieve outstanding results (1)

According to the size of the actual site, we can provide one-stop all-inclusive service of design and decoration. Support OEM and ODM customization. The company has a complete R&D, production, sales and freight service system. So far, various provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country have widely used various kitchen utensils developed and produced by our company.

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