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What should a buffet restaurant have?
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What should a buffet restaurant have?

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A buffet, also known as a meal, sometimes called a cold dinner party. It is an informal Western-style banquet commonly use internationally. It is especially common in large-scale business events. Its specific method is that. Instead of preparing meals, the diners choose their own food and drinks during the meal. And then either stand or sit. Dine freely with others or alone. The reason why buffet call buffet is mainly because it can mobilize the subjective initiative of diners during the meal. It is up to the guests to do it themselves, to help themselves. To arrange and select dishes within the establish range as well. So that it is also call a cold meal meeting, mainly because the food provide is mainly cold food. Of course, some hot dishes are provided in moderation. Or some semi-finished products provide to processes by the diners themselves.


Usually, the first course of a buffet is an appetizer. Basically, they are salty and sour dishes with characteristic flavors. As we all know, spicy and sour things are not suitable to often place with stainless steel. Because it will corrode the iron element contain in stainless steel. This requires the use of ceramic containers. The chemical properties of ceramics are relatively stable. And they have the ability to resist acid and alkali. It is not easy to attack by external carbonic acid molecules. There will be no rust and aging phenomenon as well. In addition, another advantage of ceramics is that it is not easy to dissipate heat. So that it can play a good role in heat preservation. The container of this buffet stove is ceramic texture. There is a heat preservation lamp above it, which can also play a role in lighting while maintaining heat.


Except for hot and sour foods that need special attention, most of them can install using stainless steel plates. There are a variety of dining stoves here, both the new smart electric ones and the traditional water heaters. Suitable for Chinese and Western buffets. They are all on display and on sale in our company's showroom. If you are in Guangzhou, China, welcome to visit our showroom. The Buffy and Burano chafing dishes sold by the company have been well received by customers. Some have intelligent thermostat function. And some have one-key child lock function. If you want to save money, we recommend you choose the new smart one.


There are also some buffet restaurants equipped with chocolate fountain machines. Chocolate is very popular with girls and children. A good chocolate fountain machine is very eye-catching. Because they can mix some fruit or biscuits with it, It will taste a little better. Chocolate fountains are usually made of food-grade stainless steel, so they are more durable. The use of the chocolate fountain is very simple, just rush to add chocolate or chocolate ingredients. The fountain takes between 3-5 minutes to heat up the chocolate after it is activated. So that it slowly spews out. The gap between the layers is large enough to meet the needs of different foods dipped in chocolate syrup.


Another very important question is what to use for liquid types of food. First of all, you can choose soup stove for soup or porridge. Cow or coffee, you can choose milk tripod or coffee tripod. They each have their own characteristics, which can be found on our website.


That's it for this article, but our company sells much more than that. If you do not find what you are looking for on our website. You can leave us a message with your email address attached. We will get back to you as soon as possible. Hope our article can bring you reference. Stay tuned for the next article.

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