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What Equipment Do You Need To Open A Bubble Tea Shop?
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What Equipment Do You Need To Open A Bubble Tea Shop?

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Following the previous article, we will introduce some other machines. Hope it can bring you a reference, please contact us if you need it.


First of all, this is a smoothie maker. The smoothie machine also called a food processor. In addition to making smoothies. It can also make more original beverages, such as juices, purees, etc. We can see in daily life. And it can used for commercial and household.


Next is an automatic sealing machine. It is very popular in milk tea shops in China. It makes a lot of sense for improving work efficiency. Compared with the traditional manual sealing machine. It can automatically retrieve. And when sealing, saving manpower as well asmaterial resources.


Seeing this, do you wonder: how do the milk or some fresh fruits in the milk tea shop keep fresh? This requires a fresh-keeping cabinet. In general, milk is not suitable for storage in the freezer. Frozen fruits are not conducive to making fruit tea in milk tea shops. Therefore, fresh-keeping cabinets are essential for milk tea shops.


When it comes to milk tea shops, there is no need for bubble tea. Do you know how ordinary milk tea shops cook pearls? Then let me tell you. Generally, most milk tea shops will have a pearl cooking pot, which is similar to the rice cooker we usually use at home. This automatic cooking pearl pot, one-button start, uses a smart control panel, and does not need to be watched. The taste is standardized, the temperature and time are accurately controlled, and the characteristics of each ingredient are easily dealt with. Anti-stick pot liner, long-lasting heat preservation. Slows the hardening of pearls and reduces waste


In addition to this, most milk tea shops will be equipped with an ice cream machine. An ice cream machine can bring a lot of additional benefits to the milk tea shop. Because ice cream is very popular, especially with children. We are also known as ice cream freezer, which is an automated equipment specially designed for the production of frozen desserts - ice cream. It has the advantages of low energy consumption and large cooling capacity.


The last one is the water dispenser with milk steamer. The milk tea shop must always have boiling water.Because many powdered milk tea raw materials can only dissolved with boiling water. And cannot be replaced by a water dispenser, so it is necessary to prepare a water boiler. A good water boiler can help you solve many problems. The biggest highlight of this water boiler is that it is equipped with an air pump, which integrates air and water and reduces the floor space.


The above is the equipment that a milk tea shop needs to be equipped with. If you have the idea of opening a milk tea shop, you can consult us. The above equipment is sold in our company. Welcome to consult us about related kitchen utensils.

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