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The use of melamine tableware
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The use of melamine tableware

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Melamine tableware is also call Melamine tableware. It is form by heating and pressing with melamine resin powder. Stronger than porcelain and less brittle. And bright color, strong finish, very popular with children. There are 4 kinds of materials for making melamine tableware on the market. Namely A1, A3, A5 and A8. In fact, only two materials, A5 and A8, meet the food safety requirements. However, the two materials are also slightly different. Tableware make of A8 material feels more like ceramics. However A5 has a plastic feel to the hand. But don't worry, the melamine tableware make of these two materials is in line with national food safety. So, the tableware made of these two materials are also sold in our company.


Melamine plates like this type are found in many canteen buffet restaurants. Multiple foods can place on one plate. This keeps the different foods separate from each other. And helps preserve the flavor of the food itself. In some Chinese families, parents use this type of tableware to serve their children's meals. Or use it as a candy platter for New Years with all kinds of candies in it. There is also a layer of meaning. That is the plate symbolizes reunion. On weekdays, everyone is home to each area. Working hard to travel around for their own lives. But during the festival, they will go back to their hometown. Gathering together happily.


In China, this type of melamine plate is often found in some western restaurants. Or in some hotels with buffet breakfast. There are probably two reasons. The first is that this shape of the plate looks better and is easy to decorate. Secondly, this type of plate can help operators reduce operating costs to a certain extent. Since the capacity of the plate is not large. The consumables can save on the one hand. On the other hand, it can reduce the waste of ingredients. Because customers may not finish it. This will save a lot of unnecessary costs and increase profitability.


There are many uses for this round plate in China. The first is for delicate western food like in the picture. For the editor, eating the food on the plate in the picture may be 0.1 points full. In the words of our side, it is not enough to plug the teeth. Then the second one is to serve fried rice. In a fried restaurant, the fried rice is usually place in a small bowl first. Then compacted, and finally buckled upside down on the plate. It will look nice. This will increase the appetite of customers.

melamine ware

This article represents only a partial view. There are also many shapes of melamine dinner plates not list. Welcome to leave a message for discussion. Of course, you can also contact us if you need it. We have a large stock in stock and make with A8 material. Meet the national food safety requirements very well.

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