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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking BBQ
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The Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Cooking BBQ

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The summer is coming, you need a barbecue guide to make your outdoor cooking not only delicious but also unique.

Barbecue Grill

A portable barbecue grill is convenient for outdoor picnic. Use charcoal or gas as fuel, it has a light weight and compact design. Outdoor grill is usually foldable and can store in the car. Besides, there also have stainless steel grill for modular outdoor kitchen at backyard. This kind of barbecue grill often comes with sinks and fridge.

portable charcoal grill

stainless steel charcoal grill

backyard outdoor kitchen

Barbecue Skewers

There are many choices of barbecue skewers. Most people would like to choose the bamboo sticks. It is disposable and can throw away after use. However, there are many people who have environmental conscious. They will choose the stainless steel skewers for recyclable. But you will need to spend some time to clean the stainless steel skewers after use.

BBQ bamboo skewers

stainless steel meat skewers

Charcoal Tongs

If you have a charcoal barbecue grill, a barbecue charcoal tong is necessary. The tong often has a long handle to pick up the charcoal to the grill. Barbecue charcoal tongs can not only avoid getting dirty hands from the black charcoal. But also, it can prevent the danger of scalding.

barbecue charcoal tong

Food Tongs

You should choose a barbecue tong made in 304 stainless steel material. It is high temperature resistant and does no harm to the health. With an ergonomic handle design, the barbecue tong has a comfortable grip. Use the food tongs to place the meat and vegetable on the grill. What's more, you can turn over the foods so that they can heat evenly. 

bbq tongs

Barbecue Accessories and Foods

The nylon brush can help you to evenly spread the oil, soy sauce and honey on the surface of the food. Foods can absorb the sauces for a better taste. The other barbecue accessories include seasoning boxes, knives, plates, and washing supplies. You need to prepare well for outdoor cooking with the family. Outdoor barbecue is a free cooking diet. The choice of ingredients can follow the principle of freedom. You can prepare the food according to your own hobbies and conditions.

best grill brush

barbecue accessories

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