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The Multifunction chopping machine
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The Multifunction chopping machine

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Dumplings during the Spring Festival are an indispensable delicacy on the Chinese table. During the festival, a plate of steaming dumplings not only adds to the festive atmosphere of the festival. But also symbolizes the best wishes for family happiness and reunion. It is said that if the dumplings are good-looking, of course it will add points to the appetite. But the last word is to make the dumpling fillings delicious. Dumplings will be delicious only when the fillings are ready.

food processing machine

A variety of ingredients are combined to make fillings, which are fresh and fragrant, but the fillings are delicious. But chopping the stuffing is very difficult and time-consuming. Therefore, many people will choose to use machines to mince stuffing. But the stuffing minced by machines is not as fragrant as hand-chopped. In order to solve this problem, we recommend a multi-functional chopping machine to you. That can truly restore the taste and deliciousness of hand-chopped meat. For food processing, the design of the chopping machine has an ingenuity that distinguishes it from other processing equipment. The ingredients processed by the chopping machine can be more authentic and retain the unique style of the food.

multi-function chopping machine

Unlike the traditional meat grinder that grinds meat into a puree, our multi-function chopping machine highly imitates manual chopping. Try not to destroy any single cell of the ingredients, so that the minced meat tastes closer to nature. At the same time, it also combines the functions of the meat grinder and the stuffing machine. It not only has the function of chopping, but also has the function of stirring. It is especially useful for deep processing of food (such as block).

the functions of the meat grinder

The overall body of this series of chopping machines is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. This greatly improves the performance. It has good strength, rigidity and dimensional stability. Waterproof switches as always for your safety. The stainless-steel blade is sharp and durable, with a cutting speed of up to 17r/min. It only takes a few seconds to complete the chopping work. Efficient, time-saving and labor-saving. Pure copper motor greatly prolongs the service life. Coupled with easy cleaning and non-slip cast aluminum feet, all-round humanized and considerate design. The interior is equipped with a powerful pure copper motor, which is strong and durable. And the working efficiency is more stable and efficient.

non-slip cast aluminum feet

In addition to sticking meat, our new multi-function chopping machine can also can use for chopping ginger other side dishes. The size is uniform without losing the graininess, and the advantage is that there is no water. So it can be directly used in hot pot restaurants and seasonings in food stores. During the working of the machine, ingredients and seasonings can be added at any time. It is suitable for all major meat and food processing enterprises, large canteens, fast food restaurants and other places. It only takes a few seconds to cut and cut in place, which is efficient, time-saving and labor-saving.

chopping ginger machine

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