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The Commercial Buffet Table
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The Commercial Buffet Table

This is a buffet table, which was decided for a German customer. This kind of buffet table is longer than others. So, it is suite for bigger places. But this is a customizable one.
  • BMH-1006

  • BMH

The table use for display food call a food display table, that is, a dining table. Comparing with the previous one, this buffet table is larger than that one. And equip with more food compartments. So that can meet the needs of a large number of customers dining at the same time. Two large circular holes were hollow out at the end of the table. So, the larger soup bucket could be inserted. Increasing the stability as well as reduces the height of the soup bucket. That is convenient for customers to take meals. In addition, the crystal lamp on the dining table is a blue sterilization lamp. It can effectively sterilize and improve the safety of food. The bottom of the dining table is also design with many lockers for easy access to items.


As you can see this is one end of the table, the top two holes can hold two soup stoves or round plates. The blue light on the dining table is bright enough to illuminate the food on the plate. The pattern inside the crystal column can customized according to your favorite pattern. Lights are also design at the bottom of the dining table. This allows customers to see their feet clearly. Even in a cafeteria with a dark theme


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