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Thawing Plate Round 24cm
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Thawing Plate Round 24cm

Heat conduction and rapid thaw 2-in-1 plate for kitchen pot and frozen meat. The thawing plate is round and the diameter is 24cm. It can use on gas stove to protect the pot from burning black. It can rapidly thaw the frozen meat without electricity.

  • PAM613/24


This 24cm round thawing plate can use to thaw the frozen meat and food. It is also a heat conduction plate for gas stove is to protect the pots and pans from burning black. Before cooking, take off the packaging and put the frozen meat on the defrosting plate for 10 minutes. The whole process you don't need to add any water or connect the power. When cooking, put the heat conduction plate on the gas stove, and then put the pot on the plate. It avoids the direct contact between the pot and the open flame. It also prevents the soup and porridge overflow into the gap of the stove. This heat conduction plate and thawing plate can bring the safe and hygiene to your kitchen.

heat conduction plate and thawing plate

Product Specification





Product name

Heat conduction plate and thawing plate





Net weight



Aluminum alloy


for gas stove to protect the pot; for kitchen to thaw the frozen meat 

defrosting plate specification

Product Properties

1. The making material is aluminum alloy

2. The diameter is 24cm, the thickness is 0.6cm

3. The plate is not easy to deform and broken

4. It has highly efficient of heat transfer

5. It has excellent heat storage performance

6. It is a pot guard artifact to protect the cooking pot and gas stove

7. It can thaw the frozen meat in 10 minutes

8. The surface of the heat conduction and thawing plate is double side antiskid

thawing plate details_01

thawing plate details_02

thawing plate details_03

thawing plate details_04

thawing plate details_05

thawing plate details_06

thawing plate details_07

thawing plate details_08

thawing plate details_09

thawing plate details_10

Put the heat conduction plate on the gas stove before you cooking with pots and pans. It can protect the bottom of the pot and keep the gas stove clean. Place this round board on the table then put the frozen meat on it. It can achieve an effect of quick thawing. The heat conduction plate as well as rapid thawing plate is suitable for household kitchen and commercial kitchen.

heat conduction plate application 01

heat conduction plate application 02

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