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Stainless Steel Bubble Tea Station
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Stainless Steel Bubble Tea Station

Stainless steel bubble tea station is one of the indispensable equipment for beverage production. The main function is to centrally place common equipment and convenient operation.

This bubble tea station is one of the essential machines for making bubble tea and other beverages. The main function is to centrally place common machine such as shaking machine, sealing machine and fructose dispenser. It includes 1 to 2 sinks with high pressure faucet and normal faucet for rinsing. It also contains a clean water faucet connect to the water purifier for direct drinking water needs. What's more, there is a water filter board for each sink so that you can dry the cups after washing. There is usually an ice tank in the middle of the boba tea station for storing the ice cubes. The ice tank has thickened foam material, which has a good thermal insulation effect, so there is no need to worry about the ice cubes melting. Custom-made stainless steel bubble tea station can design the cabinet with refrigeration, trash bin, or cups dispenser function.

stainless steel bubble tea station

Product Specification

Product name

Custom made milk tea station


201/304 stainless steel







Sink size


Ice tank size


Product Properties

1. Custom made milk tea station is made of high-quality stainless steel, no deformation, no rust

2. Various types of faucets are available, hot and cold water tap, high pressure shower, direct drinking faucet

3. Each sink comes with drain board to quickly drain water when washing things, any size is available

4. The ice tank has a large storage capacity, and is thicken by insulation foam, the drawer-type cover is very convenient

5. Boba tea station with DIY table top shelf you can put the essential equipment for making various taste of drinks

custom made milk tea station

boba tea station with sinks

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