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Some methods of cleaning the non stick pan.
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Some methods of cleaning the non stick pan.

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With the development of the economy, it is estimated that few people use traditional pots and pans now, right? The majority of households use non-stick pans. And there is still room for increase. However, the raw materials of non-stick coatings on the market are varied, and the quality and lifespan are also uneven. Therefore, the method of cleaning non-stick pans is a very important way to extend the service life of non-stick pans. Below I will introduce a few ways to clean non-stick pans, I hope they are useful to you.


Non-stick pans are really a great helper for those who need to cook. Especially when frying fish, the fish skin is less likely to stick to the pan. And the fried fish will be beautiful. The non-stick pot is also called Teflon pot. Because the pot is coated with a layer of paint called Teflon to make the pot non-stick. Although non-stick pans are easy to use. There are also points that must paid attention to when using them. For example, do not do the following four things to avoid hurting the pan!


The first is that when heating non-stick pans, there must be a little oil in the pan first. Never heat an empty pan as this will damage the pan. In fact, not only non-stick pans, but any pans should be avoided from empty pans. The second is that when using non-stick pans, it is not recommended that the heat be too large. And don't put non-stick pans in the oven to bake. If the fire has to be very large, or if the pan has to  put in the oven. My recommendation is to use a cast iron pan which is ideal as there is no non-stick coating on the pan. So, there is no damage to the body of the pan.


The third is to try not to use metal spatulas or other sharp metal kitchen utensils. Non-stick pans are afraid of being scratched, so do not use metal spatulas or cooking tongs to avoid damaging the non-stick coating.Last but not least, avoid putting nonstick pans in the dishwasher. Dishwashing nonstick pans and pans is fine, but the hot water and strong dishwashing detergent used in the dishwasher can damage the Teflon coating. Some experts even recommend using baking soda and water to clean it.


Last but not lease, the non-stick coating will age or deteriorate after a period of use. Therefore, it is recommended to replace non-stick pans that have been used for a certain period of time. Otherwise, it may cause a series of health problems. Also, stop using it when the non-stick coating is damaged. Because it will release some substances that are not good for the human body. 

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