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Soda Fountain Machine
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Soda Fountain Machine

Install a small soda fountain machine in your fast-food restaurant and cafeteria. No matter use for vending or for free, it will bring you considerable benefits.


Soda fountain machine makes cold soft drink is not complex. First of all, it filters the running water and makes it become drinking water. Then the drinking water enters the carbonization pump. It mixes up with carbon dioxide gas until it produces soda water. Then the soda water and syrup enter the cooling cylinder through pipeline. After cooling, the soda water mixes and syrup mixes up in a certain proportion through the discharge valve. Finally, the soda machine makes the sweet and cold soft drink. Due to the multi purpose discharge valve, you can modulate different flavor of soft drink, such as Coca cola, Pepsi cola and Mirinda.

electric soda machine with multi flavors

Product Specification


soda fountain machine 3-flavor

soda fountain machine 4-flavor

Unit   size



Temp. range



Net weight



Rated power




120 cups/h

180 cups/h

4-flavor counter soft drink machine specification

Product Properties

1. The compressor has low noise and fast cooling when working

2. The condenser has fast heat dissipation to extend the service life

3. Stainless steel discharge valve ensure the hygienic of drink

4. The built-in syrup pump reduce part of the trouble of installation

5. Stainless steel body is water proof and rust resistant

6. All pipelines in contact with food

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_01

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_03

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_08

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_09

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_10

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_11

stainless steel coke fountain machine details_12

This soda fountain machine is popular in fast food, cinema and cafeteria. It can produce 3 to 4 flavors of cold soft drink such as Coca Cola, Pepsi Cola and Mirinda. It keeps the cold drink at low temperature of 1 to 3 °C.

soda coke frozen beverage dispensers application_05

soda coke frozen beverage dispensers application_06

soda coke frozen beverage dispensers application_07

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