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Smart Kitchen Appliances Checklist
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Smart Kitchen Appliances Checklist

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The kitchen is not only a place to create art culinary. It is also a place to reflect personalized taste. Today, with the improvement of quality of life, kitchen appliances trend to become smart. It not only creates a new kitchen cooking experience, but also bring health and art into the kitchen. What's more, smart appliance makes cooking easier and more fun. It creates a new kitchen cooking experience, and bring health and art into the kitchen.

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Intelligent Constant Temperature Gas Stove

The Pinna series gas stove can use with stainless steel cookware for IHC. Cook on the gas stove, it can automatically sense the temperature in the pot. The stove will adjust the fire automatically. The temperature of the bottom of the pot will not exceed 230℃. Less of cooking oil fume produce, which keeping the kitchen in fresh.

gas stove

Smart-made Range Hood Smoke-free Kitchen

When the gas stove is on fire, the range hood automatically turns on. The hood has an automatic temperature sensor. What's more, it can intelligently adjust the air volume according to the fire strength on the gas stove. Therefore, it is no need to manually shift the gears during the cooking process. The range hood frees your hands and makes cooking easier.

range hood

Combi Steam Oven That Can Steam and Roast

The combi oven has a temperature range from 42°C to 230°C. It has the stem function, and can produce the steam gas in seconds. This combi oven has a 50 liters baking chamber with 3 grill grids for steam and roast. In addition, it features three operating modes. Steam the food first and then bake. Bake the food first and then steam. Steam and bake food at the same time.

combi oven

Two-star antivirus disinfection cabinet

This disinfection cabinet has two star standards to anti virus. It has a 120 liters disinfection space. Inside the cabinet, there are 3 racks to store the tableware and flatware. The control panel touch push which is simple to use. What's more, the cabinet can sterilize the bacteria hidden in the tableware at 360° without dead ends.

Disinfection cabinet

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