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Single Chamber Charcoal Oven Grill
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Single Chamber Charcoal Oven Grill

Our ovens are well-thought-out, so you never have to worry about sudden fires, hot spots or burnt food. It can bring you excellent performance, control and grilling effect every time.

Whether used outdoors or indoors, you will be satisfied with this charcoal oven grill. Ideal for pizza and beefsteak, it transforms the food into a smoky flavor. Thanks to a 304 stainless steel construction, this oven is easy to clean. Inside the oven is a thick layer insulation for constant and stable cooking temperature. For safety use, the cool-to-touch solid door helps to prevent burns from charcoal ash. The adjustable chimney flap controls the airflow if the temperature inside the grill getting too hot. What's more, the vent for the charcoal tray can also control the fire easily. Heating by charcoal wood, the highest temperature inside the oven can reach to 500°C. Featuring a large cooking room and 5 different height levels, you can adjust the grill grate to adapt charcoal or food size. What's more, there is a thermometer allows you to watch the temperature of the cooking products.

single chamber charcoal oven grill with adjustable grates

Product Specification

Product name

Charcoal Oven Grill with Chimney Flap



Chimney height


Chamber size


Cooking grate size


Cooking temperature

250°C to 500°C

Product Properties

1. Charcoal oven grill with adjustable chimney flap

2. Made of 304 stainless steel construction

3. Heavy duty stainless steel door with cool to touch handle

4. One charcoal tray, one cooking grate

5. 5 different height levels for cooking grate

6. With a thermometer to keep a close eye to the cooking temperature

7. This charcoal oven grill is ideal for pizzas and beefsteaks

stainless steel charcoal grill

charcoal oven grill with chimney

countertop charcoal pizza oven

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