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Shangrila Restaurant Bremen
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Shangrila Restaurant Bremen

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Project Name: Shangri-La Buffet Restaurant

Location Address: Bremen, Germany

Equipment Area: >1800m², all day buffet

Completion Time: 7th July, 2018 – 23th Aug, 2018

Kitchen Equipment: buffet table marble

Shangri-La Buffet Restaurant

The WOK cafeteria is extremely popular in Europe. WOK buffet restaurants are generally large with more than 1,000 square meters. It provides all kinds of fresh and delicious seafood, sushi, desserts, teppanyaki, and drinks.


The Shangri-La Buffet Restaurant divides into 5 dining areas. The buffet area, teppanyaki area, wine area, sushi area and dessert area. It can accommodate 360 people for dining at the same time.

buffet table for sushi and seafood

The buffet table is in white marble design. The combination of food and lighting creates an attractive visual experience for the buffet table. The lighting post makes the buffet table a crystal-like purity. The lighting well adopts warm color system, which truly restores the color of food. This successfully attracted the attention of customers. Moreover, it brings the double enjoyment of vision and taste to customers.

buffet table buffet

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