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Saute Pan with Lid Red
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Saute Pan with Lid Red

Saute, sizzle, and stir with this 26cm non stick saute pan, it can satify the demands of your busy commercial kitchen. The eye-catching red body makes this saute pan possible to play a role of both cook and serve.

Everyone can become a chef when they use this saute pan for cooking. On the one hand, this pan can accurately control the cooking temperature below 230°C. The cooking temperature is lower than the smoking point of cooking oil. Therefore, there will be less or no oil fumes produce. On the other hand, this red pot can detect the best cooking temperature for different foods. Thus, it retains more moisture and nutrients in the food. Through precise control of cooking temperature, the Teflon coating can easily realize the non stick function. The food will not stick to the pan even if cook for a long time. And it will keep the original fresh taste and texture of the food. In addition to the healthy cook, the stylish and simple design makes this saute pan a flavor to the guest and chefs.

saute pan with lid

Product Specification


LIKE   series



Product   name

Fried   wok with glass lid

Main   material

Aluminum   alloy

Product   Size



2-3   person/3-4 person

Net   weight


Gross   weight


induction hob wok specification

Product Properties

1. The temperature is control below the smoking point of 230℃ and solve the problem of oil fume

2. Food grade 18/10 stainless steel with Teflon coating has good performance in abrasion, scratch, and non-stick

3. Constant temperature cooking will not produce much cooking fumes which is good for health

5. The saute pan comes with a glass lid can cook faster and improve the taste and aroma of food

4. When you forget to turn off the power and cook for a long time, the wok will not cause a fire and the food will not burnt

best saute pan for induction cooktop details_01

best saute pan for induction cooktop details_02

best saute pan for induction cooktop details_03

best saute pan for induction cooktop details_04

induction hob wok certificate

LIKE series saute pan is suitable for induction cooker and gas stove. You can saute, sizzle, and stir on this 26cm wok pan. The non stick coating is heat and scratch resistant, it will not burn the food to let you have spare time to do other tasks. This saute pan with lid can meet the demands of your busy kitchen at medium-high volume restaurant.

wok pan red_01application

wok pan red_02application

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