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Restaurant All-Electric Kitchen Induction Cooking
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Restaurant All-Electric Kitchen Induction Cooking

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The restaurant all-electric kitchen uses electric induction stove for cooking. Electric induction stove is energy saving and the heat efficiency is up to 90%. It is less harmful to the environment and produce carbon 50% less than gas. The induction cooker is safe to use as it can avoid the danger of open flame. It produces less of oil fumes to keep the kitchen clean. All-electric kitchen is smart and well-designed.


Electric induction stove recommended list

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2. Induction range with build-in frying pot

3. Induction cooker for stock pot

4. 4 burner induction cooktop for saucepan

commercial induction stove 15kw

commercial induction cooktop

The electric induction stoves are manufactured by Robots. With 0.1mm high-precision laser cutting unit, the cutting surface is smooth and beautiful. And the surface does not need to be polished twice. The high-precision bending robot can fold the most accurate arc. The laser welding unit integrates the welding steel plates into a whole. It shows the "fish scale" welding surface effect, which is tidy and beautiful.

manufactured by Robots

The electric induction stove adopts the open fire simulation technology. It can detect the pot distance. When the stir-fry wok leaves the induction hob for some distance, the heating power is continuous output. This technology realizes the pot-shaking of a gas stove. With the stable performance of the electronic control program, it allows you to achieve an efficient and uniform heating effect. And there is no heating blind zone. The LED screen can display the power, power consumption and heating time. What's more, it can self-diagnose and show the result on the screen.

induction wok stove with LED screen

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