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Refractory Brick Wok Stove
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Refractory Brick Wok Stove

Restaurant kitchen equipment gas wok burner with two wok ring and one rear pot
  • BMH-G-WL-1810

  • BMH

Featuring two wok rings with refractory brick chambers, this Cantonese style gas wok range has blaze jet fire. The two jet burners working with two 550W air blower release instant and continuous heat. Plus, the refractory brick burning chamber has an insulation effect which ensure less heat loss and reduce energy consumption. What's more, the L-shape levers allow you control the fire with your knees. There is a rear pot between the burners, with a faucet mounted on the high backsplash of the range. The swing faucet will fill the rear pot for boiling which adds convenience on quick accessing to water while cooking. What's more, there is a full-length sink with rack drains away overflow water from the rear pot and prevents food from clogging. No matter you want to cook stir fry dishes, vegetable soup or egg fried rice, this double gas wok burner is your ideal choice.

commercial stir fry wok cooker with refractory brick chamber

Product Specification

Product model



Product name

Two-burner gas stove with 1 rear pot and   2 air blowers

Product size

1800*1000*1150 mm

1900*950*1150 mm

Blower power

550w x2

550w x2


Stainless steel 201/304




Product Properties

1. Commercial gas stove with two wok burner and one rear pot for stir fry cooking, working with two 550w air blowers

2. “L” shape steel levers provide an easy and efficient control of the jet burners with your hands or knees

3. Providing a rear pot with swing faucet mounted on the backsplash for convenient adding boiling water

4. There is a full-length sink with draining rack to drain the overflow water from the rear pot, at the same time prevent food blocking

5. Having a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction with mirror finish surface, easy to clean by rinsing after a day end

6. This Mandarin and Cantonese style gas wok range with refractory brick chamber burner saves your cost of fuel

commercial cooking equipment 2 burner stove

restaurant kitchen equipment gas wok burner

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