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Rectangular Non-stick Roast Pan
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Rectangular Non-stick Roast Pan

This is an aluminum rectangular multi-purpose baking pan. It can use to grill meat, eat hot pot and eat grilled fish. The whole body is thickened and equipped with non-stick materials imported from the United States. The pot body is big enough to satisfy multiple people dining at the same time.
  • BMH-1014

  • BMH

This rectangular double-eared flat-bottomed baking pan is mainly made of alloy aluminum. The inside and outside of the pot are made of non-stick material so it is easy to clean. It is especially popular in many western countries and places like Korea. It is made with one-shot technology. Thus, there is no interface in the whole pot. So that can reduce the occurrence of oxidation at the interface. In order to achieve the purpose of extending the service life. You should noted that this baking pan is not suitable for use on an induction cooker. If you use it on an induction cooker, it will damage the plate and make it unusable. And it suites for many scenes, like roast, fried eggs and have grilled fish. Also, if you want to make some pancakes, this plate can do it.


Product Specification

Product name

Rectangular roast pan




Home restaurant and so on

Something You Should Attention

1. Do not wash it immediately after use, it should be cooled with water before adding water to wash it

2. This baking pan is not suitable for use on the induction cooker, please do not use it on the induction cooker to avoid damage to the baking pan

3. Do not use steel balls and other cleaning tools that damage the non-stick coating when cleaning, otherwise the non-stick coating will be damaged.

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