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Professional Ice Machine Supply
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Professional Ice Machine Supply

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BMH-KITCHEN is a global supplier of ice machines and has a full range of equipment for the refrigeration industry. Our ice machines produce crystal clear ice cube, flakes ice and crushed ice. The machines are easy to clean and maintain, simple to operate. What's more, all ice makers have high ice-making capacity without environmental impact.

professional ice machine supply

Ice cubes are indispensable and important in the kitchen to ensure the quality of drinks. Most restaurants around the world need to use ice cubes to make cold drinks, cold dishes, and more. To improve the production speed of drinks and various dishes, the supply of ice cubes is the most critical part. The BMH--KITCHEN commercial ice maker is easy to operate, makes ice fast, and can handle busy demands of ice.

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At present, BMH-KITCHEN ice machine can make ice nuggets, ice cubes, and ice flakes. Daily ice production can range from 60 pounds to 1800 pounds to meet the needs of a variety of catering services.

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BMH-KITCHEN commercial ice maker designs to save space whether it is vertical design or counter design. The whole is made of stainless steel, which increases the reliability and durability. Combined with the easy-to-use cleaning program to ensure the hygiene of ice cubes. In addition, the machine's built-in monitoring technology prevents damage caused by excessive operation of the machine.

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When choosing an ice maker, the first thing you need to know is what type of ice cubes you need. Taking beverage stores as an example, ice cubes are popular to use. Secondly, the selection of output of the ice maker is according to the size of the restaurant. Smaller ice machines produce hundreds of pounds of ice per day, while larger ice machines can make thousands of pounds. You need to anticipate and understand these needs to choose the best ice machine for you.

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