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Pressure Fryer for Chicken
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Pressure Fryer for Chicken

This type of fried chicken oven adopts the principle of low temperature and high pressure, and the fried food is crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and the color is bright.

The electric pressure fryer cooks whole chicken in a sealed deep fry pot at low temperature and high pressure. A fast cook at lower temperature will produce steam quickly, so as to better retain the juice in the food. The control valve will remove the excess steam in the pot and maintain a constant steam pressure. What's more, the fryer can auto adjust the pressure, heat and time during the cooking. It requires less of cooking oil, and shorten the fry time, while the taste and color of the chicken is the best! The pressure fryer is also safe to use. The stainless steel structure adds durability and long service life. The insulation fry pot boasts a volume of 16 liters which can fit up to 3 head of chicken per load. This pressure fryer for chicken is a perfect choice for small and medium size fast food shop.

countertop stainless steel chicken fryer pressure cooker

Product Specification

Product name

Pressure Fryer for Chicken



Rated voltage


Rated power


Temperature range


Working pressure



16 liters

Net weight


Product size


Package size


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Product Properties

1. Fry the chicken in high pressure at low temperature is faster

2. The sealed fry pot can lock the moisture and flavor of food

3. Mechanical knob controls for time and temperature

4. The time is from 10 to 30 minutes; the temperature is from 50 to 200 °C

5. The whole body and the fry pot is stainless steel and insulation

6. The fry pot boasts a volume of 16 liters

7. Double explosion protection, safe and reliable to use

professional electric 3000w high pressure fryer for chicken details_03

professional electric 3000w high pressure fryer for chicken details_04

This pressure fryer is suitable for all kinds of meat with bones, such as chicken, fish, pork chops, and ribs. The normal suggested frying temperature is between 157 °C and 163 °C. Pressure fryer produces a healthier and more delicious final product and is faster than the traditional fryer. To fry the chicken this unit only take 10 minutes to table ready, ribs only 15 minutes.

professional electric 3000w high pressure fryer for chicken details application

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