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Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-PGD54CH
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Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-PGD54CH

Panasonic's large-capacity rice cooker has an ultra-large capacity design of 15 liters, which can provide food for about 50 people. Its "super fast program" function can ensure that 5.4 liters of rice is cooked in about 30 minutes.
  • SR-PGD54CH

  • Panasonic

This Panasonic rice cooker with a large capacity of 15 liters is perfect for commercial kitchen. The inner pot is made of a magnetic material which the heat distribution area can surround the entire inner pot. Boasting a 4570W of power, its "fast cook" menu can cook up to 4.5kg of white rice in 30 minutes. The induction heating generates heat from the base to the side of inner pot, which stirs the rice grains in the pot and achieves the effect of "roasting". Therefore, the rice is cooking evenly and staying in the perfect amount of moisture. What's more, the sweetness is good enough. Panasonic IH rice cooker features a stainless steel appearance offering a sleek looking on the countertop. The versatile controls allow you to cook white rice, sushi rice and oatmeal by one key setting. What's more, you can adjust the cooking time according to different ingredients.

Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-PGD54CH

Product Specification

Product name

Panasonic rice cooker








15 liters

Product size


Net weight


White rice

1.8~5.4L (1.5~4.5kg)

Sushi rice

1.8~5.4L (1.5~4.5kg)


0.5~1.5L (0.42~1.25kg)

Product Properties

1. Panasonic rice cooker adopts IH induction heating technology

2. The inner pot is made of magnetic material, non-stick and easy to clean

3. It can cook up to 4.5kg of white rice in 30 to 50 minutes

4. The unit features a stainless steel appearance which is in professional looking

5. You can set the cooking time according different rice, and the cooking process displays on the screen

6. The unit has appointment function, heat preservation function, fast cook function

7. This IH electric rice cooker has 6 menus for White rice, Jambalaya rice, Sushi rice, Musenmai rice, Porridge and Brown rice

Panasonic IH electric rice cooker

stainless steel sushi rice cooker

commercial rice cooker 15 liters

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