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Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar
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Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar

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Project Name: Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar

Location Address: Frankfurt, Germany

Equipment Area: >2800m², all day buffet

Completion Time: 15th Sept, 2021 – 28th Dec, 2021

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar1

Traveling through the city with many high-rise buildings, there is never a lack of steel-framed concrete. After a tiring day, come to the Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar. A project finished by the BMH restaurant designer and equipment supplier. Its location near by the Rhine River in Frankfurt, for an immersive hot and romantic experience!

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar2

This case is a western restaurant and bar, with very brilliant and gorgeous decoration and scenery. The layout adopts perspective view, rich moving lines, and area division of space. The decorations and colors collide with each other, and everything is just correct. Through the direction of shadows, the taste can be switched between transmission and concealment, attracting people to explore.

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar3

While tasting the dishes, the pairing and selection of wine creates a sense of rhythmic ritual. Wine is a symbol of a romantic story. A good event bar makes you stay to tell the story. And it will help you to find a good listener at the same time.

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar4

The moment you sit on the soft seat, the home sense comes along. And the eyes are full of brilliance outside the window, making the sensory experience part of the space design. The two worlds inside and outside are so harmonious.

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar5

The restaurant accessories have a strong visual sense with the delicacy cutting metal, and the lively and prosperous fire. The corners of the table and the hanging lamps make the dining experience at the table more enjoyable. The feelings are just like being in a high-end banquet hall.

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar6

When the night sinks, the light of the restaurant is even more intoxicating. And the gorgeous and diverse lighting forms a soft transition with the interior space, making people immersed in it.

Ommia Restaurant & Event Bar7

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