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Multipurpose Portable Mini Stove
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Multipurpose Portable Mini Stove

Popular portable stoves all over the world, featuring small size and low weight. Non-daily restaurants suitable for outdoor camping or making dry pots. Can be freely matched with pots and pans.
  • BMH-1018

  • BMH

Portable cooktops are specially designed for light and portable cooking stoves. There are two types of portable stoves, single stove and multi stove. mini type and ultra-thin type, and so on. It is a kind of kitchen utensils that has just emerged in recent year. It can also pair with a variety of pots to suit your cooking needs. This stove is light and easy to carry. So, it is popular in the United States and other people who like outdoor activities. And the popularity has also remained high in recent years. The shape of this portable stove is similar to the previous ones. The color matching of knowledge is slightly different from other models. But this color combination makes it even more unique.


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Attention1. Do not use it in a car or in a narrow space such as a tent;

2. Use pots with a bottom diameter of less than 24cm, do not cover the side cover;

3. When using, it should be more than 15cm away from flammable objects such as furniture, walls, curtains, etc., otherwise there is a risk of fire;

4. This stove is only suitable for Iwatani portable gas cylinders. Do not use it with other brands of gas cylinders. Otherwise, there will be air leakage or the possibility of fire.

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