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Multifunctional Electric Health Pot
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Multifunctional Electric Health Pot

A health pot is an electronic pot that helps people cook tea and sugar water. Usually these pots are made of glass. The health pot made of glass is not harmful to the human body. Moreover, the health pot made of glass is also easier to clean than the stainless steel health pot.
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The whole body of the health pot is firstly made of high borosilicate glass. Because it is harmless to the human body. This glass is melted at more than 1600 degrees. And the main raw materials are boron and silicon. Without any heavy metal additives. It has the feature of high temperature resistance, rapid cooling. And rapid heating resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and stable quality. The second is the all-glass structure, the pot body is integrally formed. And there is absolutely no metal and plastic. In particular, there is a health pot with a glass pot body + metal heating plate + silicone ring structure. If you use this type of pot for a long time. It will seriously affect human health. But our product is produced in strict accordance with national production standards. The products are of good quality and can stand the test of people.


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Product Specification

Product name

Health pot




304 stainless   steel high borosilicate glass


Elegant white






1. Before use, please confirm whether there is water in the socket and bottom of the health pot.

2. If there is scale in the pot after a period of use, please use acetic acid, citric acid or lemon slices and water to boil to clean.

3. The health pot cannot cook food that is not powdered and pasty, such as: sesame paste, yam powder, coffee, milk powder, etc., to avoid the bottom of the pot sticking to the bottom and causing damage.

4. When using, please wait for the water to boil before adding the health ingredients or flowers and leaves, and stir a little. If you add sugar, please stir until the sugar melts, so as not to sink to the bottom of the pot, causing the bottom of the glass to be blackened and damaged.

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