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Metal Bottle Opener Corkscrew
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Metal Bottle Opener Corkscrew

A wine corkscrew is a small device used to cut the cap of a wine bottle and pull out the cork. Also known as wine knife, wine opener, wine opener, wine opener, etc.
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A wine corkscrew is a small device used to cut the cap of a wine bottle and pull out the cork. Also known as wine knife, wine opener, wine opener, wine opener, etc. With the emergence and development of modern industry. The wine bottle opener has developed from the first generation to the third generation. From the initial plastic bottle opener to the emergence of various high-tech products. So, it has experienced decades of development. Common types are: seahorse knife bottle opener, rabbit head bottle opener, pneumatic bottle opener, etc. The bottle opener sold by our company has two different materials, one is silicone + stainless steel. The other is all stainless steel. Silicone and stainless-steel bottle openers have only emerged in recent years. Although its rise is relatively short, it has been welcomed by many people.

stainless steel Wine Bottle Opener (1)

Details Show

Lightweight Black Waiter Corkscrewcap type metal champagne corkscrew (2)cap type metal champagne corkscrew (1)

Product Specification

Product   name

Wine opener








Stainless steel   & plastic

Operate Method

1. Cut off the wine cap. Use the serrated knife of the bottle opener to cut the tin foil protecting the mouth of the bottle at the edge of the bottle mouth. Generally, use a forehand knife and a backhand knife to cut the top of the tin foil cleanly and quickly.

2. Screw in the wine stopper. Open the screw part of the corkscrew and align the center point of the cork.

3. Press the end of the screw of the bottle opener down with your index finger, press a small part of the end of the screw into the wine cork, straighten the screw, and start to rotate it downwards. Be careful not to drill the entire screw into the wine cork. A small portion is usually kept outside.

4. use the lever to open the cork. Use the lever of the bottle opener to clamp the first-level lever on the bottle mouth, hold the lever and the bottle mouth with the left hand, and press the bottle opener down with the right hand; when the wine cork is partially pulled out, use the second-level lever to clamp the bottle mouth.

5. When the cork is mostly pulled out, stretch the corkscrew into a T shape.

6. Hold the bottle with your left hand, shake the cork with your right hand, and gently pull out the cork.

7. Pull the end of the corkscrew out of the corkscrew and place it neatly.

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