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Joy Food Lounge Restaurant
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Joy Food Lounge Restaurant

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Project Name: Joy Food Lounge Restaurant

Location Address: Aisne, France

Equipment Area: >2300m², all day buffet

Completion Time: 17th Mar, 2019 – 28th Jun, 2019

Restaurant Equipment: buffet table marble

Joy Food Lounge Restaurant

Joy Food Lounge Restaurant is a Chinese-French buffet restaurant in Aisne, France. It is a special theme restaurant integrating intensive meals, buffets, Japanese sushi, and beverage services. In order to allow customers to experience the relaxed, self-service dining atmosphere, the restaurant presents a dazzling array of delicacies on the buffet table in an orderly manner to meet the diverse needs of different customers for food.

restaurant buffet

buffet restaurant

The buffet table is mainly white in color. On both sides of the main table are cold round tables, which mainly display salads and desserts. In the middle is a rectangular table with a combination of hot and cold. The hot basin can hold various hot dishes and the cold basin can display sushi and seafood. The dining table decoration is mainly chocolate fountain, cake display cabinet, and seasoning bowls. The blue lighting design adds to the dining atmosphere while also adding ornamental to the food.

buffet table

The real environment of the cafeteria is very elegant and luxurious, and the overall design is full of layers. The magnificent lattice ceiling and the high-end simple buffet table all reflect the exquisite beauty and texture of various elements.

heated buffet table

cold buffet table

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