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Iron Frying Pan With Handle
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Iron Frying Pan With Handle

This is a kind of Chinese traditional wok. It is widely used in home, fried restaurant and other street stall. Also, it helps you supplement iron and make your dishes more delicious.
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  • 陈枝记

The wok is a cooking tool in China. It is a kind of pot. It is featured by a large opening on the top and a round bottom. Since most of the food in southern China is mainly for small frying. And the wok design with a handle for easy tossing. Because food sticks to the pan during cooking. So, there are some woks with Teflon coating or ceramic coating etc. so that the food will not stick to the pan. Wok mainly use for frying or sautéing food. But it can also use for steaming, stewing, frying and other different cooking methods. The wok is the main cooking tool in China and Southeast Asia. Almost every household has a wok. It is said that the food fried in the wok is more delicious than others.


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Production Specification

Product name

1.2 Iron wok with wooden handle

Pot body

wrought iron


Solid wood


Hand forging

Applicable stove Gas stove

Gas stove

Size 330*100*210mm




1. Please try to put the iron pot in a dry and cool place, otherwise it will easily cause the iron pot to rust;

2. When using it for the first time, do not directly use it to cook dishes. It is recommended to cook a pot of porridge first;

3. Do not put the iron pot just after use on the wet or concrete floor immediately, otherwise it will cause the iron live to burst;

4. This iron pot is not suitable for storing wine, vinegar and other acidic beverages and food, otherwise it will damage the iron pot.

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