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Introduction of the new kinds of chafing dish
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Introduction of the new kinds of chafing dish

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Hotel chafing dish is beautiful and durable. With good corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength and mechanical properties. The stainless-steel chafing dish transliterated Buffy stove. It is the choice for group dining occasions (troops, schools, hotels, large canteens and cafeterias, etc.). And casual gatherings need during meals. And it is also beautiful, durable, with good corrosion resistance, low temperature strength. And mechanical properties.

stainless-steel chafing dish (2)

The intelligent electronic chafing dish. Using the material in the food contact part is 304 grade high-quality stainless steel. The cover adopts hydraulic buffer damping technology, which is ergonomic. This allows the lid to be opened and closed more than 100,000 times. The dining stove has an intelligent temperature control system. So that can set the temperature according to different foods. In order to achieve the purpose of preserving the taste and nutrients of the food. Through the clear glass lid guests can see the food in the stove. This helps the customer choose his own favorite food. The surface treatment of the furnace is purely hand-polished and completed by stamping. It has the features of super impact resistance, super transparency and corrosion resistance.

stainless-steel chafing dish (1)

1. Turn on/off the stove

Connect the chafing dish to the power supply. Touching the switch to turn on the chafing dish in the power-on state. And hold the child lock button on the left of the panel for 3 seconds. The cooker enters the setting state, the temperature display flashes. And touch the switch button on the right side of the control panel to turn off the cooker.

2. Set the temperature

Press and hold the "child lock button" on the left side of the panel for 3 seconds. Until the screen flashes, the stove enters the setting state, and the temperature display flashes. Touching the "+ button" or "- button" to adjust the temperature display. After setting the temperature, the device will automatically lock the screen. And enter the working state without any other operation. At this time, the device displays the actual water temperature. To adjust the temperature needs to be unlocked.

high-quality stainless steel chafing dish

Friendly reminder: This product has preset three temperature values for you (54°C.76°C.88°C). You can quickly switch between the three temperature values by pressing the Menu button in the setting state.

3. Set the scheduled power on/off time

Press and hold the child lock button on the left side of the panel for 3 seconds. Then the cooking stove enters the setting state, and the temperature display flashes. Touching the time setting key, the display will show preset power on. And touch the Menu key, the display will change to time display. If you touch the + key or – key is to adjust the time. To touch the Menu key is to adjust the hour/minute setting. And touch the time setting key again, then the display will show preset shutdown to adjust the shutdown time, too.

intelligent temperature control system

Set the scheduled power

intelligent electronic chafing dish (1)

intelligent electronic chafing dish (2)

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