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Intelligent Electromagnetic Drum Cooking Machine
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Intelligent Electromagnetic Drum Cooking Machine

The electromagnetic drum frying machine can be used in various places. It has the characteristics of convenience, quickness and large amount of frying, and is welcomed by all over the world.
  • BMH-GT01

  • BMH

The commercial electromagnetic drum cooking machine adopts the principle of magnetic field induction eddy current heating. Then a magnetic field generated by passing an electric current through a coil. When the magnetic lines of force in the magnetic field pass through the bottom of the iron pot, so, the pot body heats up. So as to achieve the purpose of cooking food. Fully automatic rotation, temperature and time controllable. It can used for fast food restaurant. It is the best choice for freeing your hands. Because it can cook vegetables and meat, or fried rice by itself. The whole cooking machine is made of stainless steel. It is beneficial to effectively prolong the service life. There is no complicated design on the outside, so our staff can clean it smoothly as well.


On the left side of the semi-automatic roller type stir fryer machine is the governor, which has a total of 5 gears. Through the adjustment of the governor, we can controlled the speed of the drum . The higher the number, the higher the rotation speed of the drum. When the cooking machine powered on, the lights on the machine will come on and you will hear a sound. Press the power button in the standby state, and the cooking machine will enter the fire power working state. The plus and minus keys can used to adjust the fire gear, as well as the time. If you want to use the timing button, then please schedule the time in the fire state.


This picture below is the back of the non-stick pot robot cooking machine. The space on the outer casing can help the engine to dissipate heat. External parts can help the frying machine start quickly. In order to improve work efficiency.


The picture shows the manual lifting handle of the stainless steel induction hob smart cooking machine. Its function is to help dump the food or rice in the pot and prevent burns. It has a total of 5 gears, the larger the gear, the greater the inclination of the drum.


The drum of the electromagnetic drum cooking machine is sprayed with oil and has a non-stick coating. It can reduce the occurrence of sticking to the pan. On the other hand, semi-automatic roller type stir fryer machine can also prolong the service life of the drum. Raised racks separate food that's stuck together. It can also make the food in the pot evenly coated with the seasoning.


Product Specification:











Something you need to know:

1. Do not use sharp objects to drag the cooktop, which will damage the cooktop.

2. Do not block the air inlet of the induction cooker, otherwise it may cause a fire.

3. Please keep the stove clean, clean it regularly, and unplug the power socket when cleaning.

4. Do not let the machine enter the water. After cleaning, you need to wipe the residual water with a dry cloth before use.

5. Do not place flammable objects in the heating area. Please remove irrelevant items when using the induction cook top.

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