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Induction Pasta Cooker 16kw
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Induction Pasta Cooker 16kw

This 16kw high power induction pasta cooker comes with 12 baskets. You can boil noodles, vegetables and frozen dumplings. We also provide a smaller size with 6 baskets. Induction heating is fast and the fire is strong.

This induction pasta cooker is great for preparing noodles in soup and sauce. The 304 stainless steel body is durable and has a long service life. The working surface is smooth and easy to clean. The 12 round baskets allow you to prepare different types of food at the same time. Moreover, you can cook the food separately to prevent transfer of flavors for a better taste. This equipment has a overflow system. Thus, the pasta and noodles will not become soft and floury even if cooking for a long time. What's more, this induction cooker can save 40% energy compare with gas cooker.

induction pasta cooker

Product Properties

1. Induction heating is fast and uniform

2. Touch-screen for easy operation

3. Dry heat and over heat protection for safety use

4. SUS 304 stainless steel with round and smooth edge is durable and hygienic

5. Four stainless steel legs each with height adjustable feet

6. Equipped with water faucet and drain valve is more convenient to use

7. The machine comes with 12 round baskets to prepare different types of food

16kw induction pasta cooker details_01

16kw induction pasta cooker details_02

16kw induction pasta cooker details_03

16kw induction pasta cooker details_04

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Product Specification

Product name

12-hole Pasta Cooker

6-hole Pasta Cooker

Heating Way







800 x 800 x (810+30) mm

400 x 800 x (810+30) mm

Rated power

2 x 8kW


Rated voltage






induction noodles cooker specification_01

induction noodles cooker specification_02

This 16kw induction pasta cooker is suitable for restaurant and noodle shop. The machine with a cabinet design helps to keep the kitchen clean and tidy. This unit comes with 12 stainless steel mesh baskets. You can cook portions of noodles, dumplings and vegetables in a short time. The twin cooking tank has separate controls to prevent transfer of flavor. The drain valve is like a handle design for easy draining. After cooking, open the drain control to drain off the waste water and clean the cooking tank.

electric induction pasta noodles cooker application

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