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Icee Slushie Machine
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Icee Slushie Machine

The single cylinder slush machine integrates the advantages of rapid refrigeration, rapid ice discharge, simple operation, controllable temperature, and easy cleaning.

  • BMH-100

  • BMH

Frozen drink machine,this is a single-cylinder slush machine, suitable for bubble tea shop, coffee shops and other places. Immediately refrigerate, quickly release ice, and effectively shorten the production time. Black painted body, customizable advertising screen, real-time temperature display, single outlet, no need to worry about wrong taste, louvers on both sides of the body can help the machine to dissipate heat quickly. 

commercial slush machine for cold drinks

The transparent window on the slush machine can help you confirm the remaining amount of the content, remind you to prepare materials in time. It helps you decide whether to continue to increase the production materials according to the passenger flow, which can effectively reduce your material cost. The four detachable parts next to it can help you to clean the residues in the machine more easily and ensure product hygiene.

slush machine

This is the storage bucket of the slush puppie machine. The cover can be easily opened without laborious disassembly. The discharge port is flush with the bottom, so the material flow can be sent to the discharge port well. There is no need to worry about the material accumulating at the bottom. The materials can be used up; the non-smooth stainless steel storage bucket can not only promote the flow of the slush materials, but also be more convenient to clean.


This is a small storage box at the bottom of the slush machine, located just below the discharge port. It can effectively hold the spilled or spilled snow, and keep the body and floor clean. This is a removable and washable box, which is convenient for the staff to clean and reduces the cleaning process.

counter top icee slushie machine for sale

Product Specification:

Single cylinder snow melting machine parameters









Refrigerant cooling barrel capacity

4.3 liters

Discharge tray volume

6.5 liters


18-25 liters/hour

The number of cups that can be dispensed at one time

6-7 cups/650ml

Slush Concentration Control

Intelligent constant temperature, only standby system



Carton size


Net weight


Gross weight


Machine advertising size


Product Certificate

CE, Rohs

Product Properties:

1. The body louvers dissipate heat faster and prolong the service life;

2. Rapid cooling and rapid ice release can effectively shorten the production time;

3. The fuselage is made of stainless steel and painted in black to protect the internal parts of the machine;

4. The slush hardness is controllable, with a temperature display, which is convenient for temperature control.

5. This type of single dispenser frozen drink machine can be supplied from stock or customized.

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