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How to choose a gas range?
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How to choose a gas range?

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As a kitchen utensil salesperson, the choice of daily home appliances, especially for major appliances, is also one of the necessary skills. Now more people like to buy major appliances directly online. In general, online prices are much lower. But there is a pit, that is, there are differences in online and offline product models. Especially like a gas range, in fact, more often it just changed its appearance. As for why, it's down to cost. So, what aspects need to be considered when choosing a gas range? What gas range brands are worth buying? How much gas range is suitable for you? An article will show you how to choose the right gas range for you.

burner frames sold on the market

The first thing you should pay attention to is the burner. We mainly focus on the air intake method and material of the range head. Because it is the core of the gas range and accounts for the largest cost of the entire gas range. The reason is it needs to in contact with fire for a long time, durability must be our primary consideration. Currently, most of the burner frames sold on the market are cast iron and aluminum alloys. Cast iron material has good high temperature resistance. But poor corrosion resistance, and iron will rust. We all know that although the high temperature resistance of aluminum alloy is slightly weaker than that of cast iron. It has good corrosion resistance. Both have their own advantages, and you can choose according to your actual situation.

good corrosion resistance

The second is the method of turn off the range. Flameout protection is a must-have device for gas ranges. It means that the fire of the gas range is extinguished by soup or wind. It can automatically cut off the gas source to prevent safety hazards. There are three commonly used flameout protection methods on the market today: thermal, thermoelectric and ion induction. Different flameout devices have different service life and costs. Among them, the thermal type. And the thermoelectric type is both simple in structure, low in cost and slightly short in-service life. But they are the most widely use flameout devices today. Although the ion induction type has high safety, due to various reasons. It is not particularly widely used at present. It is believed that with the development of social economy, its use will become more and more extensive.

effective utilization rate of the heat

Then you should look at the thermal efficiency of the range. The thermal efficiency of a gas range refers to the final effective utilization rate of the heat released by the combustion of the range. The basic definition of thermal efficiency is the ratio of the energy effectively output to the input energy for a particular thermal energy conversion device. Generally speaking, this value is less than 1. Because in the process of gas combustion, the heat spreads to the surrounding space. So that, it cannot absorb and utilized. The standard required by China is that the thermal efficiency of desktop ranges is ≥55%. And the thermal efficiency of built-in ranges is ≥50%. Choosing a gas range is not particularly complicated. After all, the state has very standardized management of gas ranges. And when buying, try to choose a well-known brand. Because of the better-quality control and after-sales service.

entire gas range

By the way, don't forget to buy according to the actual size of your kitchen. So as not to buy it home, it is not suitable for your own kitchen use. The above is the content to be shared in this article. If you have a good one or suggestion, you can leave us a message or send an email. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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