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High Temp Smokeless BBQ Grill
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High Temp Smokeless BBQ Grill

This electric smokeless barbecue grill has an extremely high temperature of 900 to1000 °C, which can quickly heat the surface of the food with the glue, so that the food can not only maintain a good shape and color, but also lock the original moisture of the food from being evaporated.

This electric bbq grill can quickly heat up to 900°C within five minutes. The high temperature cooking realizes its smokeless grill. The food not only maintains an attractive color, but also catch juices from the meats for a great tasting product. At the same time, the extreme high temperature makes the food produce a Maillard reaction. Without adding any flavoring agent, the food can still fully emit aroma. This barbecue grill features three groups of independent heating tubes with three knob controls. You can open only one set of heating tubes, or open all of them, according to different food cooking needs. The unit comes with stainless steel cabinet base and adjustable legs for long term durability and easy cleaning. It has a special drainage system which can discharge dripping oil of the barbecue in time. This smokeless electric grill can be used indoors and it requires 380v power connection.

High Temp Smokeless BBQ Grill

Product Specification

Product name

Smokeless electric bbq grill with cabinet   base

Product model


Product size

800*800*(810+30) mm

Rated power


Rated voltage

380v Three-phase four-wire

High temperature

Above 900°C


Stainless steel body, ss heating tubes

Product Properties

1. This electric bbq grill boasts three set of heating tubes with total power of 12kw

2. There are three independent control knobs for each set of heating element

3. The extreme high temperature can up to 900°C which realizes smokeless barbecue

4. The unit for both indoor or outdoor use and it requires a 380V electrical connection

5. The unit features stainless steel body with cabinet base which provide storage space

6. Thanks to its 6" adjustable legs, the machine is level and allow you to clean the ground

7. The special water drainage design allows you to clean the oil and residue inside the barbecue grill

commercial kitchen equipment electric bbq grill with cabinet base_01

commercial kitchen equipment electric bbq grill with cabinet base_02

high temperature above 1000°C smokeless electric grill for restaurant

high quality stainless steel 3 burner barbecue grill 380v 12kw

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