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High Power Induction Soup Cooker
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High Power Induction Soup Cooker

Excellent electromagnetic heating technology, microcomputer intelligent automatic monitoring, safety devices such as over-temperature protection, automatic fault detection, fault alarm display, etc., controlled by knobs or magnetic switches.

This induction soup cooker can hold a 98 liter of soup pot to satisfy your restaurant dining needs. The short body of the stove ensures the chef can pick up the cooking pot when the soup is ready. This unit features ceramic glass heating panel which boasts a power of 15kw for each hot plate. What's more, the high durable, temperature and scraping ceramic glass induction hot plate adds a professional look and is easy to clean. Thanks to its flat cooktop, any pot with flat bottom can perfectly contact with the heating surface for uniform heat. Each induction burner has a knee-operated 5 levels knob switch to adjust the firepower. What's more, it comes with a digital screen to display the firepower, cooking status and error diagnosis. On the backsplash of the stove, there is a swing faucet for convenient access to water to fill in the soup pot.

commercial soup stove stock pot range

Product Specification

Product name

Single burner induction soup cooker

Dual burner induction soup cooker

Product model



Product size

700*850*(530+720) mm


Rated power



Rated voltage

380v 50hz

380v 50hz

Product Properties

1. This induction soup cooker heats up without open flame is more safe to use

2. The entire heating surface covers with induction coils which realizes the full-scale heating of the bottom of the pot

3. Each induction hot plate boasts a power of 15kw, single and double burners are available

4. High durable and temperature ceramic glass heating panel can hold a 98 liters of soup pot

5. The stainless steel construction ensures durability and corrosion resistance

6. The four stainless steel adjustable legs ensures the stove in level at uneven ground

7. There is a stainless steel swing faucet for convenient add water to the soup pot

8. This induction soup stove is controlled by knob switch with 5 available power level; the digital screen shows the cooking status

High Power Induction Soup Cooker

commercial kitchen equipment 15kw high power induction soup cooker

catering equipment induction cooking range 30kw double soup boiler

stainless steel flat top burner induction soup stove stock pot range

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