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Have you use band saw of bone saw machine correctly?
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Have you use band saw of bone saw machine correctly?

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Have you ever complained "why does the blade of band saw machine break after a few days of use!" And even some users use a few saw blades in a day! On the contrary, other users only broke a saw blade in a few months. What is going on here? In fact, this is a comprehensive problem. There are many factors that affect the service life of the saw blade. It cannot be simply classified into whether the quality of the saw blade itself is good or not. 

commercial bone saw machine for business kitchen

Bone saw machine is generally used for sawing pig bones, lamb bones, beef ribs, frozen meat, frozen fish, etc. It is popular in large, medium, and small meat processing plants, restaurants, supermarkets, and other places. Therefore, the saw blade that is in close contact with food must be made of high-quality food-grade stainless steel. The sawing blades commonly have 4 teeth and 6 teeth. The hardness of the root saw is different, so choose a different number of teeth will also affect the life of the saw blade.

meat cutting machine electric bone saw

BMH kitchen equipment company adopts Sweden imported band saw blade with narrow cutting arc and dense tooth shape. When working, the amount of meat scraps is small, and the tensile strength of the saw blade is high, thereby improving the service life. There are three different saw blade models for different kind of cutting foods. The 3P saw blade for frozen fish, the 4P saw blade for frozen meat, and the 6P saw blade for bone.

commercial bone saw machine

If your bone saw blade is frequently damaged, you need to consider whether you are using the correct blade. Or you need a more professional manufacturer to match the machine and saw blade for you, and provide you with the service of using the saw blade correctly. BMH kitchen equipment company focuses on the research and development of food machinery and accessories. We have a professional after-sales service team, which can provide you with profession suggestion for bone saw machine and blades.

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