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Fast Casual Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List
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Fast Casual Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List

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fast casual restaurant

A new concept "Fast Casual" in fast food service becomes a trend in the world. It advocates the use of high-quality ingredients and services in fast food restaurants. The fast casual restaurant pays more attention to the freshness and health of food. What's more, it is more nutritious than fast food. Besides, it provides customers with a more delicious, safe, and convenient dining experience. Fast casual restaurant is more suitable for fast-paced city life.

bain marie

In China, casual fast food often cooks in a bain marie, such as fish ball, oden and beef offal. In the West, casual fast food includes pizza, burgers, and French fries. Ice cream is usually a must-have for desserts. The characteristic of a fast-casual restaurant is to serve the food quickly with a better taste.

fast food

Digital Electric Pizza Oven Single Deck with Two Trays

Electric pizza oven, deck oven or convection oven is professional equipment for bakery. It uses hot air to achieve fast baking with high temperature. The baked pizza has a crispy crust and juicy taste. It is the best choice for quick baking of pizza and bread.

pizza oven

Rinnai Natural Gas 31 Liter Deep Fryer Machine

Breading, oil and fryer are the keys to making great fried foods. Good breading and oil products are the basis of deliciousness. Professional deep fryer is the key to double the taste. Safety is one of the most concerned issues for frying operators. What's more, the safety of fryer that operates at high temperatures is even more important. The Rinnai gas fryer uses a special design to avoid dangerous areas that are easy to catch fire.

deep fryer

Ice Cream Machine Countertop Display Single Flavor Soft Serve

The feature of this ice cream machine is to make all popular soft ice cream. The machine is very portable and the size is small. Therefore, you can just place it on the table. The machine is simple to operate, stable in quality, and reliable in performance. What's more, it can produce more than 100 pieces of ice cream for each hour.

ice cream machine

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