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Electric Steam Jacketed Kettle
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Electric Steam Jacketed Kettle

This commercial jacketed kettle uses the heating element to heat the heat transfer oil, so that the jacketed pot heats up quickly. It has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short heating time and easy temperature control.
  • LETO-9C-100L

  • V.kitchen

This electric jacketed kettle is a perfect choice to make large batches of soups and stews for your restaurant. It features a jacketed vessel design which means this kettle has a larger heat transfer surface area and uniform heat. At the same time, it shortens the liquid boiling time and the heating temperature is easy to control. Thanks to its 15kw of heating power, you will have faster heat-up and cook times. What's more, there is a pressure gauge for measuring the condition of your food. This kettle boasts a 100 liter capacity with an anti-scald pouring faucet for quick and easy emptying the food. In addition, the stainless steel swinging water faucet allow you to fill and clean the kettle with ease. This electric boiling pot with the type 201 stainless steel construction is water proof and corrosion resistant. It requires a 380V electrical connection for commercial use.

Electric Steam Jacketed Kettle 100 liter

Product Specification









100 liters


Product Properties

1. This electric steam jacketed kettle has a 100 liters capacity

2. It comes with a pouring faucet easy to empty the food in the pan

3. It comes with a stainless steel swing water faucet to manual fill and clean the pan

4. All stainless steel construction with adjustable legs

5. The jacketed design of boiling pot allow it heats evenly from all sides

6. This electric indirect heat boiling pot has a pressure gauge to monitor the food condition

catering equipment electric steam jacketed kettle with cabinet base specification

commercial kitchen equipment electric jacketed boiling pan with 100 liters

90cm cooking range stainless steel 15kw electric boiling pot indirect heating

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