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Electric Induction Rice Cooker 18L
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Electric Induction Rice Cooker 18L

The induction rice cooker is heating faster and more evenly compare with electric rice cooker. Three-dimensional heating and micro-pressing technology make the rice more delicious.
  • RR-40IHS-CH

  • Rinnai

Rinnai induction rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH with a volume of 18 liters. It can provide up to 40 meals of rice for the restaurant each time. The operation is simple. Just add proper proportion of rice and water in the pot. Then press a button to cook. The rice cooker cooks the rice in an induction heat way. In addition to the heat element at the bottom, on the top and the body of the rice pot also have heat element. The full range heating makes the rice in uniform cook and prevent raw rice. What's more, it realizes precise program control of the rice braising process. Once the cooking is finish, the rice cooker will switch to keep warm mode. It keeps the cooked rice at a perfect temperature and the taste of the rice is soft.

induction rice cooker

Product Specification


Rated voltage

Rated frequency

Rated power

Rated volume


 (black control panel)

AC 220V



18 liters


(silver control panel)

AC 220V



18 liters

Accessories: measuring cup, rice ladle

electric induction rice cooker 18 liter specification

Product Properties

1. Induction rice cooker, the heating is faster and more uniform

2. With a non stick 40 liters cooking pot, it is suitable for restaurant

3. The key operation is simple and cooking is automatic

4. Fully sealed design to prevent the loss of heat and moisture

5. Four cooking modes of pearl rice, silk rice, soup, and porridge

6. 24-hour appointment function, and fast cooking function

7. The rice cooker with stainless steel body is easy to clean

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_01

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_02

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_03

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_04

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_05

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_06

Rinnai rice cooker RR-40IHS-CH details_07

This Rinnai induction rice cooker is a new trend in catering industry. The 18 liters of cooking pot can provide 40 meals at one time. Therefore, it meets the dining needs of Chinese and Japanese restaurants that pursue high quality rice. What's more, it can cook sushi rice.

commercial non stick rice cooker application_01

commercial non stick rice cooker application_02

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