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Dragon Boat Sashimi Ice Tray
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Dragon Boat Sashimi Ice Tray

This kind of ice tray can keep the seafood and Sashimi fresh especially in summer. It is popular with the canteen, buffet restaurant and the hotel. We have variety shapes of it as well as on sale.
  • BMH-1008

  • BMH

Sashimi plate, also call ice plate. It is a utensil use to hold seafood sashimi in various shapes. Place crush ice in the tray. And then arrange fresh meat and other foods on it. So why is call an ice tray. It can maintain the freshness of food. When you go to some cafeterias or Japanese restaurants to eat, it always come out in your eyes. The reason for the quality of them is easy to spoiled at room temperature. Therefore, we must pay more attention to preservation. Otherwise, if the temperature is high, some nutrients in the meat will be destroyed. And if the temperature is too high, the sashimi is easy to break. Putting sashimi on ice can keep the sashimi fresh. So, the sashimi ice tray is very important at this time.


The main material use in this dragon ice tray is environmentally friendly resin. It is made of resin powder heated and pressurized. It is widely use in fast food, hotel and canteen catering with its beautiful, wear-resistant and drop-resistant properties. First of all, it has good acid and alkali resistance. And will not cause yellowing and hydrolysis due to perennial use. Second, it has a long service life and the resin is more durable than other plastics. Third, its surface is scratch-resistant, and its surface hardness is equivalent to that of metal aluminum.


Product Specification

Product’s name

Dragon boast ice tray




490*260*50mm of the tray


Ship type of the tray dragon shape of the body



Something You Should Pay Attention To

  1.  Because of its material, so please don’t put it in the sun;

  2.  Please clean it in time after use, otherwise it will shorten its service life;

  3. This product is flammable, please keep away from all sources of ignition;

  4. The material of the dish is resin, so please don’t use in Micro-wave oven.

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