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Double Deep Fryer 24kw
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Double Deep Fryer 24kw

Attractive appearance and smooth worktop, this high power deep fryer features a single and double oil tank with frying baskets. It can work with the same series products electric griddle as the both depth is 800mm. Commercial electric deep fryer is a favor in most casual restaurants.

This commercial electric deep fryer with baskets has super high energy efficiency. It can heat up within 5 minutes and save 40% energy compare with gas fryer. The fryer is stainless steel with mirror polish finish. The workbench is round and one piece. The oil tank is food grade 304 stainless steel without harmful metals. The frying temperature can adjust from 50 to 210℃. The built-in probe of the temperature controller can prevent the fried food over burnt. The frying area with cool zone help to collect food debris so that you can clean the oil tank easily.

2021 best deep fat fryer

Product Specification

Product name

Deep fried with single-vat

Deep fried with twin-vat

Heating Way







400x800x (810+30) mm

800x800x (810+30) mm

Rated power



Rated voltage

Three-phase five-wire

Three-phase five-wire




24kw electric fryer specification

Product Properties

1. This 24kw deep fryer can heat up fast

2. The working temperature is from 50°C (122°F) to 210°C (410°F)

3. The built-in sensor realize a constant temperature function

4. Large cold zoon design to collect the food dregs for easy clean

5. Push-button to adjust the temperature is more accurate

6. Superior 304 stainless steel body with one piece table top

commercial electric deep fryer details_02

commercial electric deep fryer details_03

commercial electric deep fryer details_04

commercial electric deep fryer details_05

commercial electric deep fryer details_06

commercial electric deep fryer details_07

This 800 series electric deep fryer is a fast cooking equipment for casual restaurant. It can fry frozen chicken, sweet potato and onion rings. To meet the different user's need, we provide single vat fryer and double vat electric fryer. Each vat has a 12kw heating pipe for fast heat. The depth of this deep fryer is 80cm. We have same series kitchen equipment that can work together with this fryer machine.

twin tank frying machine application_01

twin tank frying machine application_02

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