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Do you want to have a multifunction counter steamer?
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Do you want to have a multifunction counter steamer?

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First let me ask you a question, do you have rice in diary? If so, which tool will you use to cook it? Rice cooker? Pots and pan? Rice steamer? The first two tools I believe that many of you have seen them already. But do you know about the rice steamer? So let me tell you something about it. Most of the rice steamer is counter and can cook the rice 4kg once a time at lease. Also, they divided into two kinds, one is gas and the other is electricity. Nowadays, due to the question of energy, a lot of people prefer the electricity one more. In China, most of the restaurant are also like the electricity one. Because it doesn’t emit gases that pollute the air. And can reduce the cost. As we all know, gas is more expensive than electricity.


Although it is called a steaming rice cabinet, it is definitely not just for steaming rice. In China, a rice steamer will definitely have multiple uses. Such as steamed bread, eggs and meat. If you think that the rice steamer is only for steaming rice, then you are wrong. Because in China, everything has to be put to good use. Simply put, don't let it sit idle. Well, back to the topic. The steamer is increasing popular in the world. In this aspect of production, we have mature technology, experienced production workers and excellent designers. As the steamed rice cabinets have been popular in restaurants in China many years ago. So, you don't have to worry about the immaturity of this technology. Moreover, the invention of these steamers has also resulted in many patented technologies.


It is worth mentioning that the control panel of these steamers is not static. With the development of the times. Most of the control panels of these steaming cabinets are replaced by microcomputer control. The one-button operation and digital display of the steaming cabinet are simple. It means that a person who without any experiment can control it by himself very well. In general, the steamer is not as complicated as you might think. Multiple use of one machine is not a problem at all. But you need to control the cooking time of different foods. To avoid undercooking or overcooking. Therefore, my suggestion is not to steam different types of food together. It is better to separate them. After all, you don't want to waste food, right? In addition, this kind of the steamer got the ISO, CE and PICC certifications.


Finally, let’s talk about its structure. Since it is a rice steamer, it mainly relies on steam to heat food. One of the benefits of steam heating food is that it heats the food evenly. Effectively avoid the situation of food jamming. To achieve hot air circulation in a closed environment. Moreover, it is made of high-quality stainless steel, which can reduce the occurrence of rust.  In that way, we can artificially prolong life. Another thing you may not have thought of is.  That we also design a swivel wheel with brakes for some of the steamers. It can easily to remove when you clean the kitchen. Its handle also designs to plastic non-slip. There is also a silicone strip between the door and the cabinet. The function of the silicone strip is to prevent steam leakage.


Last but not lease, the steamer there are many details that I haven’t talk about. All of the photos are take by ourself. We have more details pictures about it. If you are interested in, please leave out your e-mail and write down your questions. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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